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The Dallas/Fort Worth Admissions Regional Network is a community of professional college and university representatives from two (2) year or four (4) year non-profit academic institutions who serve students and their families in the DFW area. These networking opportunities will provide support to those that are regionally located in the DFW area and who work from home or at a university sponsored regional center. We are here to support each other –especially since we are all not located on the main campus of our respective colleges or universities.

The goal of the DARN community is to educate and prepare high school students in learning about higher education and finding the “Right Fit” institution for life after high school or community college.

DARN serves the community in several ways:

· Attending non-TACRAO programs and events in the area

· Arranging group presentations or lunch visits at high schools

· Participating in outreach programs


Counselor Updates

High School Visits 

College Fairs 

Parent Panels and much more...

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DARN Executive Board 2018-2019

Chair: Rachel Butler, Drake University
Vice-Chair: Aspen Moore - Mann, Michigan State University
Secretary: Lexi Meador, University of Arkansas
Treasurer: Brad Durschlag, Trinity University
Outreach: Dana Morrison, University of Alabama
Technology: Amber McFarland, University of Georgia
Membership: Sarah Casarez, University of South Carolina
Past Chair: Wintress Ross, Indiana University Bloomington
Committee Chairs:
College Search Series: Jill Davis, University of Illinois
Swings: Mercer Ann Moon, University of Mississippi
Professional Development: Derek Nido, Texas A&M University