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DARN Membership Directory

Please be sure to return each August for an updated DARN Booklet! The booklet will contain updated information for our member schools, plus the inclusion of any new member schools. Any new members who have joined since the most recent publication will be listed here and included in our next update.

Joined Since January 2020:

Lubbock Christian University
Ohio University
Regent's University London
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Wabash College

2019-2020 Executive Board:

Chair: Dr. Heather Robinson-Lauer, University of Alabama
Vice-Chair: Aspen Moore-Mann, Michigan State University
Secretary: Lexi Meador, University of Arkansas
Treasurer: Tom Becker, University of Pittsburgh
Outreach: Dana Morrison, University of Alabama
Technology: Kyle Wallace, Arizona State University
Membership: Jessica Mascote, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Past Chair: Rachel Butler, Drake University

Committee Chairs:

College Search Series: Chandra Cralle, Wichita State University
Swings: Brenda Chavez, DePaul University
Professional Development: Angie Alamah, Loyola University Chicago